Best of Philly Cheesesteak House


Quotes Best of Philly has amazing cheesesteaks!!! Only place I've found after 13 years in FL that is comparable to the ones from home (and is actually better than some of the places I used to order from up there!). Quotes
Philly Girl

Quotes Best Cheesesteaks in the Tri County area. Hoagies are great too. So awesome that they carry Tasteycakes and Amoroso Rolls, just like Philly. Great job guys! Quotes
The Best

Quotes I've lived in FL for 25 yrs. and have tried a lot of so called Philly cheesesteaks. This is by far the best I've had. The rolls are from Philly, the meat is from Philly. They make them big as well. What you get at Best of Philly would be considered double meat anywhere in Philly. I'm telling you they are packed. The best referral I can give you is that I have a friend that visits from Philly and he brings these cheesesteaks back home with him!!! How's that for a testimonial? I've referred many people there and none have been disappointed. Take it from me, I was born and raised in Philly. Enjoy, Philly Joe Quotes
Philly Joe
The best in Florida

Quotes They have the best cheesesteaks!! Quotes